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Zavalivskiy Graphite Ltd. for many decades is a producer of natural graphite from Zavalivskiy ore deposit (Kirovograd region, the central region of Ukraine) is one of the largest deposits of graphite in Europe. The company operates since 1934. Production capacity is up to 30,000 tonnes of graphite per year. According to the data provided by the global non-metallic minerals market intelligence company Industrial Minerals (England), Zavalivskiy Graphite Ltd. is in top 10 world manufacturers of natural graphite. The company produces more than 25 major brands of graphite with a carbon content of 85% to 99.95% and the particle size of 4 to 200 microns, and colloidal graphite products and coolants based on graphite.

Products offered by Zavalivskiy Graphite Ltd. meet the requirements of state standards and technical conditions, and exported to many countries of the European Union (Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Norway), Asia (Japan, Korea), CIS countries (Belarus, Moldova), as well as to the United States.

For the European wholesale customers there is an opportunity for the customized product parameters selection to suit individual customer requirements. The shelf life of the products is not limited. The possible to conduct the multi-stage quality tests, in particular in the European laboratories, creates the conditions for providing maximum quality assurance, timely delivery of products and the constant effective customer support.

Payment and delivery of graphite and graphite products for each wholesale customer are considered individually. The deliveries can be made by trucks, by rail, as well as using sea container transport.


The company cooperates with the enterprises producing high-quality lubricants, refractories, friction materials, steel and iron foundry companies, oil and gas producing companies. Graphite is a necessary raw material (auxiliary material, additive) in the manufacture of a wide range of end products:

- in the manufacture of synthetic diamonds;

in the production of alkaline batteries and batteries;

- in the manufacture of LiO accumulators and batteries;

- fuel cells chemical power generators;

- in the production of seamless pipes, metal and forging, stamping and rolling metal products;

- in the production of electro brushes;

- in polymeric composite materials;

- in powder metallurgy;

- in brake pads and other friction materials;

- in the graphite foil, gaskets and seals;

- in colloidal graphite and lubricants;

- in pencils;

- in the production of heat-resistant ceramics;

- a special heat-resistant and conductive rubber;

- shielding in the production of power cables and communication;

- in anti-corrosion coatings and inks;

- in the manufacture of refractory products;

- foundry oxygen-free copper and other non-ferrous metals;

- in electronics research and nanotechnology;

- as an additive in solution in oil and gas drilling.


The advantages of cooperation with our company:

• direct collaboration with the manufacturer without intermediaries;

• convenient logistics for the European markets (delivery time);

• European quality products;

• individual approach to the wishes of the customer;

• the ability to increase the production and supply of products;

• the possibility of selection of packaging and selection of optimal conditions of delivery;

• providing competitive pricing, flexible pricing;

• guaranteed European quality and the reputation of a reliable supplier (more than 75 years of production experience).


The advantages of our products:

• perfect crystal lattice structure;

• excellent physical and chemical properties of graphite;

• environmentally friendly product of natural origin;

• a minimum content of heavy metals, harmful elements, non-metals and other harmful impurities, which are important in many technologies (minimum content of sulfur, iron, molybdenum, chromium, aluminum, and others).


Each of our offer is unique, with the ideal balance of quality and price.

ООО "Завальевский графит"

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